No 3 2016 Toowong Baptist Church

The first plaque in the new project was opened on 3 July 2016 at the Toowong Baptist Church, 5 Jephson Street, Toowong, on the occasion of their 135th anniversary celebrations.

This building was opened on 4 September 1881 with seating for 100 people at a cost of £250 ($500). The architect and builder was Mr William Richer who was also pastor and founder of the church. It is the oldest Baptist church building still in use as a church (the former Ipswich Baptist Church is older but no longer in use). The main part was enlarged and vestries added in 1884, doubling its size. It is recognised as a modest example of a timber framed church in the Federation Carpenter Gothic style, and these beautiful features are on view inside the main sanctuary.

At the time the church had a flourishing ministry especially amongst Chinese speaking people which had then been in place for about 40 years and which continues strongly to the present. 

Plaque 3

This large plaque (visible from the footpath) was unveiled by the President of BHSQ, Eric Kopittke and the pastor of the church, Rev Andrew Teo (pictured below).

Plaque 3 unveiling