A Century of Baptist Church Buildings in Queensland 1851-1980

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This album contains images of Baptist church buildings erected in Queensland during the first century of the denomination in this state, up to 1980.

The images are arranged by year of official opening and/or dedication. This date, which is usually known precisely, may vary from the date of erection,  although both dates would normally be close together.  Only church buildings for which images suitable for display in this format are obtainable are shown here.

In general, the earliest available image has been used, some of which are of ‘heritage’ quality. In some cases, only an image of the building at a later date has been used, but the building shown bears some relation to the earlier one.

In many cases, simple halls or other very basic building were erected initially, and then replaced by something better at a later date. If an image of the original building is available, it has been used here in its appropriate time sequence, as well as the later one(s).

Where a building has been substantially altered or has been replaced by another building, and an image is available, then the later version also appears in its appropriate time sequence. Similarly, if the building was moved to another site or another building erected at a different site, all buildings have been shown in sequence (where images are available).

Only main church buildings intended primarily for worship are included, not halls and other ancillary buildings used for Sunday School, youth work and the like.

Feedback including correction of errors and contributions of images, dates and general information about additional buildings is welcome.

Many of the images used here are from the collection of Baptist Church Archives Qld while others have been sourced independently. The Baptist Church Archives Qld acknowledges the assistance thus rendered and expresses thanks to those who have made images available.

All images are copyright Baptist Church Archives Qld and permission must be sought before they can be used.

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