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Author Title Publisher Year Notes
Abrahams, Neville The life and ministry of Rev Neville and Mrs Miriam Abrahams 1904 typical text book for theological students
Angus, Joseph The Bible Hand-Book: an introduction to the study of sacred Scripture RTS 1982
Ansell, L.J. Register of Church Archives Church Archivists' Society 1985
Ansell, L.J. Register of Church Archives (2nd ed) Church Archivists' Society 1987
Ansell, L.J. The Small Archive's Companion Church Archivists' Society 1982 also 2nd edition 1985
Ansell, Leo J & Winston Maike The Small Archives CAS Donated and inscribed by author
Baker, Rev Ron Just one in the crowd Ark House Press, Mona Vale 1984
Balders, G Ein Herr, ein Glaube, eine Taufe: 150 Jahre Baptistengemeinden in Deutschsland 1834-1984 Wuppertal, Oncken 2004
Ball, GB and JW Mallice Striving for Excellence: Baptist Community Services NSW and ACT 2005 2 versions - standard, and devotional edition
Ball, Les J. Grow the Vision 1949
Bardon, Richard The Centenary history of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland Presbyterian Church No d Life of Silas Mead, Missionary doctor
Barry, Walter There was a man: the life of Cecil Silas Mead ABMS 1988 Rev Dr Stan Nickerson
Brainwood, EW Golden Harvest Mission Publications of Aust, Australia 1988 * 5 extra copies
Brown, B.S. Baptised into one body: a short history of the BU of Aust Baptist Union of Australia BUA 1962
Brown, Basil S. Members one of another Baptist Union of Victoria 1986 Vol 2: History of the English Baptists
Brown, Raymond The English Baptists of the 18th Century BHS 1898 W Bell memorial
Bruce, AB The Training of the Twelve T & T Clark, Edinburgh 1987
Caddy, Wes R How to be a Successful Pastor Mission Publications Australia 1934 R G Smith
Carey, S Pearce William Carey The Carey Press, London 2008 contains contribution by Gwen Patterson, Toowong Baptist Church pp 52-57
Chamberlain, Leigh; L Salter Toowong: a tram ride from the past Toowong & District Historical Society 1983 Papers presented to a summer school July 1982
Clements, K.W. (editor) Baptists in the 20th century BHS 2014
Cohen, Kay et al Lost Brisbane and surrounding areas 1860-1960 RHSQ 1992
Conwell, Rev Roy Yours faithfully Jehovah Jireh Bethel Ministries 2000
Conwell, Roy E Miracles are normal Bethel Ministries 1947 5th ed - 1964
Cook, Henry What Baptists stand for Carey Kingsgate 1947
Crago T H and W J Bligh Champions of Liberty: Story of the Baptists and what they believe AB YP Board
Cran, Rev Doug What He's done for others 2013 History of ABMS edited by Tony Cupit, Ros Gooden, Ken Manley
Cupit, Tony et al (ed) From Five Barley Loaves Mosaic 1944 from the library of J.E. White
Dakin, A. The Baptist view of the church and ministry Baptist Union Gt Britain 1981
Dart, Harold W. Happenings - historic, heroic and hereditary The author 1963
Estep, William R. The Anabaptist story Eerdmans 2009
Fisher, Rod Boosting Brisbane: imprinting the colonial capital of Queensland Boolarong 1995 Brisbane History Group Papers 14
Fisher, Rod & Barry Shaw Brisbane: People, places and progress BHG 1994 Brisbane History Group Papers 13
Fisher, Rod & Barry Shaw Brisbane: Cemeteries as Sources BHG 1962 from the library of J.E. White
Garrett, James Leo, Jnr Baptist church discipline Broadman 1935 repub. 1991
Gomm, Leslie J. Blazing western trails: the story of William Kennedy presented to Mrs H. Brooks Treasurer Toowong QBWU 1948-1961
Hallesby, O. Prayer 1995
Hancox, Phil My adventures in evangelism ND
Hancox, Phil 10 Soul searching sermons 1993
Hancox, Phil Why weepest thou? 1984
Hancox, Phil Cavalry or Calvary? 1991
Hancox, Phil Reconciling 16 debatable biblical subjects
Hegarty, Ruth Is that you Ruthie UQP 1969 Presented to Mr E S Jones at 1971 Assembly in appreciation of service to the Aged Persons Welfare Cttee & Homes Board
Henry, Carl F Faith at the Frontiers Moody Bible Institute, Chicago 1976
Hill, Peter (editor) Growing on together: a member's handbook BU NSW 1962
Himbury, D Mervyn British Baptists: A short history Carey Kingsgate 2000 See pages 82, 102, 132, 133 for references to John and R A Kingsford and families
Hopkins, Norman The Baptists of Smarden and the Weald of Kent 1640-2000 the author 1962
Horne, Shirley Out of the dark Oliphants, Melbourne 1963
Hudson, W.S. Baptist convictions Judson Press 1996 Religious Community Profiles
Hughes, Philip J The Baptists in Australia AGPS 1976 from the library of J.E. White - 2nd ed - first pub. 1973
Hulse, Erroll An introduction to the Baptists Carey Publications, Haywards Heath No d
Hutton, W H John Bunyan Hodder & Stoughton, London 1993
Knights, Rev John H. Give me a mountain - autobiography 2000
Linder, Robert D The Long Tragedy Open Book Publishers, Australia 1967 Presented to RE Jarrott from Qld Council of Churches for Sunshine State Crusade 1968 - signed by 20+ people
Loen, Arnold Secularization: science without God SCM 1999 Proceedings of INternational Summit of Baptists against Racism and Ethnic Conflict Atlanta Georgia, Jan 1999
Lotz, Denton (editor) Baptists against Racism BWA 1960
Lumpkin, W L Baptist confessions of faith Judson Press 2014 Donated and inscribed by Barbara Coe
Manley, Ken and Barbara Coe The grace of goodness' John Saunders Baptist pastor and activist Sydney 1834-1848 BHS NSW, Macquarie Park 1987 Bathurst St Baptist Church
Manley, Ken R In the heart of Sydney 2006 2 volumes
Manley, Ken R From Wooloomooloo to Eternity: a history of Australian Baptists 1831-2005 Paternoster 1971
Manning, Rev J. G. Builders for God (HM in Victoria) Victorin Baptist Home Mission Society 1976 from the library of J.E. White
Martin, G.W. The church - a Baptist view Baptist Publications, London 2004
Martin, James Alexander Those seventy years: recollections on a 70th birthday 1995
McDonald, Lorna Rockhampton A history of City & District Rockhampton City Council, Rockhampton 1991
Moore, Richard K, editor Baptists of Western Australia: the first ninety years BHS WA 1964
Morling, G.H. The quest for serenity Eerdmans 1925 from the library of J.E. White - first pub 1912
Mullins, E.Y. Baptist beliefs Judson 2008 Gift from Effie Munday
Munday, Effie Path Light at my feet CityHarvest Int Publishing Services, Aus 1950 * From Murgon Shire Council 1964 - Contains paras. on histories of Baptist church in above shires
Murphy J., Easton, E Wilderness to wealth in the shires of Nanango, Kingaroy, Wondai, Murgon 1892 * 6 copies
Myers, John B (ed) The centenary volume of Baptist Missionary Society 1792-1892 2010
Nicholas, David Journeys with God Baptist Historical Society of NSW, Sydne 1991 History of Whitley College Melbourne
Otzen, Roslyn Whitley College Hyland House Pub Pty Ltd, South Yarra Vi 1990 Inscribed by the author - donated to Baptist Theological College - includes material on B G Wilson
Patterson, Stuart The ordinary doctor 1952 enlarge ed - 1st pub 1944
Payne, Ernest A The fellowship of believers Carey Kingsgate 1959
Payne, Ernest A The Baptist Union: a short history Carey Kingsgate 1962
Payne, Ernest A and N S Moon Baptists and 1662 Carey Kingsgate 2005
Pierard, Richard V, et al Baptists Together in Christ 1905-2005 BWA 1966 See also electronic version in Digital Media
Prior, A C Some fell on good ground: a history of the Baptist Church in NSW BU NSW 1984 25 year history of ABWARC
Prior, A.C. Caring is by sharing No d 100 years of ABMS donated from Milne, Pickering Street, Enoggera
Redman, Jess The Light shines on ABMS Melbourne
Ridley, John G C J Tinsley of Stanmore: a lover of the evangel Greenwood Press
Ridley, John G Gleams of glory John Bacon 2013 History of Churches of Christ 1883-2013
Risson, Geoff and G Brown The church from the paddock Churches of Christ, Qld 1962
Roberts-Thompson, E With hands outstretched-Baptists and the ecumenical movement Marshall Morgan and Scott 1927 from library of J.E. White
Robinson, H. Wheeler The life and faith of the Baptists Metheun, London 1938 from the library of J.E. White - 3rd ed. first pub. 1925
Robinson, H. Wheeler Baptist principles Carey Kingsgate 1996
Rolley, Ailsa Mayurbhanj Messengers: 100 year history 1932 5 addresses delivered in Australia 1932 to BUA; from library of J E White
Rushbrooke, J.H. The Baptist witness and missionary achievement Baptist Union of Australia BUA Papers at a conference, 1926
Rushbrooke, J.H. editor The faith of the Baptists Kingsgate 2009 Inscribed by author at official launch
Sands, Dr Les 150 Years Young: the continuing story of the Ipswich Baptists 1859-2009 Ipswich Baptist Church 2009 inscribed by author and Rev Tim Costello at official launching 28 Feb 2009
Spear, Valerie G Canberra Baptist Church - the first Seventy Five Years 1929-2004 Canberra Baptist Church 1941 from the library of J.E. White
Straton, Hillyer, H. Baptists - their message and mission Judson Press 1964
Thompson, Ronald W The story of the Ter-Jubilee of the Baptist Union BU GB 2005 2 copies
Thornton, I Bruce The General Secretaries of the Baptist Union of NSW BHS NSW 1987 includes E Gibson, R Hinds, N Mergard
Tronson, Mark (editor) Whose leaf does not wither - 20 Baptist preachers' sermons IFH Pub 1992
Tryer, John H History of the Brisbane Hospital Boolarong 1947
Underwood, A.C. A History of the English Baptists Baptist Union of Great Britain 1954
Wales, Pearl Pioneers' Children The Simpson Family of St Helens 1946
Walton, Robert C The gathered community Carey Kingsgate 1986 Bapist Historical Studies No 4
Watkin-Smith, H. Baptists in the cradle city BHS NSW 1999
Weston, Norman E. Seven delightful decades 1983
White, B.R. The English Baptists of the 17th Century BHS 1977
White, Rev J.E. A fellowship of service (Official History, Baptist Union of Qld) 1993
White, Rev J.E. A modern pilgrim (autobiography) 1897 from library of J.E. White
Whitley, W.T. The witness of history to Baptist principles Alexander & Shephard, London 1938
Wilkin, F.J. Our first century Baptist Union of Victoria
Wilkin, F.J. The faith of our fathers: short sketches of Baptist History for our young people ABPH
10th Congress record BWA 1965
11th Congress record BWA 1980
14th Congress record BWA 1928
4th Congress record BWA
Baptist Deacons Handbook Baptist Union of NSW 1955
Golden Jubilee Congress 9th World Congress BWA 1994
The Butterss Family 1970
12th Congress Record BWA 2005
Baptist World Alliance Centenary Congress BWA 1958
Baptist Youth World Congress BWA 2000
18th Congress Baptist World Alliance BWA 1998
150 Jahre Baptistengemeinde Templin 1848-1998 Templin BC 1934
Funfter Baptisten-Welt-congress BWA 1993
Brisbane: The ethnic presence since the 1850s Brisbane History Group Papers No 12 2015 donated by author
Coe, Barbara, Thomas Llewellyn (23.9.1832-2.5.1899) Bush Missionary 2015 donated by author
Coe, Barbara, John McKaeg Baptist minister in Sydney 1830-1833
Groves, Russell C Rev A L Leeder 30th June 1880 – 2nd October 1961. A Full life – full of life 2009
Jupp, James (ed) The Encyclopedia of Religion in Australia Cambridge University Press 1996
MacFarlane, Peter and Simon Fisher Churches, Clergy and the Law The Federation Press 2015 donated by author
Stubbersfield, Edgar (Ted) (ed.) Herman Windolf and the Queensland German Baptists 2015 donated by author