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Baptist Church Archives, Queensland
Queensland Baptists Centre
53 Prospect Rd, Gaythorne Qld 4051

PO Box 6166, Mitchelton Qld 4053
Phone 07 3354 5600

Website: http://www.qb.com.au/support-for-churches-pastors/baptist-church-archives-queensland/

Honorary Archivist: Contact at above address or by email archives@qb.com.au

The Baptist Church Archives Queensland is the central repository for the documentary and electronic historical records of the Baptist Union of Queensland, and its constituents.


  1. To collect and store the historical records of the Baptist Union of Queensland, its departments, committees, divisions, charter groups and agencies, and where possible and necessary, those of its member churches
  2. To conserve, preserve, classify and index these records as far as possible according to professional standards
  3. To make the records readily available for bona fide resear­chers
  4. To promote the value of historical records and to educate the Baptist constituency in their use

Access: during normal office hours, by appointment. Material is not on open access but must be handled by arrangement with the Archivist.

Policies on access: Records are generally available to bona fide researchers; access is at the discretion of the Archivist. Appointments are necessary and enquires should be made initially by email, preferably. Most material is accessible, although restrictions apply to sensitive and recent records, personal papers and to older fragile material. Written application must be made for use of material in commercial works. Due acknowledgment of all material used must be made in the form, “Used with permission of Baptist Archives, Qld. (Date)

Fees: No set fees are levied except for commercial work and extensive searches, but donations towards the upkeep and development of the Archives are requested. Out of pocket expenses for postage, phone calls and photocopying etc., will be charged.

Indexing: Most material has been broadly classified and is indexed on a computerised system. Computerised church membership figures and growth patterns are also available on request. Depending upon the amount and type of information needed, a dona­tion may be requested for access to this service.

Holdings: Most material is on paper but there is a growing volume of digital material as the Archives. Some, but not all, digital material is identified below. Enquiries welcome.

Baptist Union of Queensland


  • Minutes of Executive Council, Assemblies and Committees/Departments 1877 onwards;
  • correspondence and general records;
  • general finance records and reports
  • Extremely limited number of personal papers of church leaders and some biographies


Denominational newspapers

Other publications (published by the Baptist Union and others)

    • Baptists in the ‘Never Never’
      Baptists in the ‘Never Never’ —Baptist Origins on the Darling Downs Queensland, 1875-2013 ● David Parker 2020 64pp  with illustrations   $15.00 plus postage
    • Baptists in Queensland
      Baptists in Queensland —a Guide to their Life and Faith ● David Parker (ed.) 2013 52pp ISBN: 978 0 9578214 8 4  (Baptist Historical Series 1)  3rd Edition   updated and revised   Full Colour Cover   $6.00 plus postage
    • Cameos of Baptist Men in 19th Century Queensland
      Cameos of Baptist Men in 19th Century Queensland ● Mel Williams 1995 62pp ISBN: 0 646 23181 2  (Baptist Historical Series 2)  $5.00 plus postage
    • Christian Camping – The Call of Christ
      Christian Camping – The Call of Christ —A History of Baptist Camping in Qld ● Joan Maxwell 1991, 1993 94 + 115pp ISBN: 0 9596078 3 8; 0 9596078 4 6   $10.00 plus postage
    • Coleyville, Engelsburg (Kalbar), Boonah & Highfields Baptist Cemeteries (Qld) Monumental Inscriptions ● Rosemary and Eric Kopittke 1997 92pp ISBN: 0 9586622 3 1   (Fiche contains extra material $15.00 with free postage)   $15.00 plus postage
    • The Commitment to Ministry
      The Commitment to Ministry —Baptist Camping in Queensland 1990-2020 ● David Parker 2020 80pp ISBN: 978-0-9578214-5-3  (Baptist Historical Series 18)  30 color photos   $10.00 plus postage
    • A Fellowship of Service,
      A Fellowship of Service, ● J.E. White 1977  $7.50 plus postage
    • Fortitude
      Fortitude —Dr Lang's Vision for Queensland and the United Evangelical Church ● David Parker & Angus Edmonds 1999 52pp ISBN: 0-9586622-9-0  (Baptist Historical Series 10)  $8.00 plus postage
    • Fruit from the tree of experience —The Joshua Jenyns History of the Baptist Church in Brisbane ● David Parker (ed.) 1996 36pp ISBN: 0 9586622 0 7  (Documents of Queensland Baptist History 2)  $10.00 plus postage
    • The Gregory History of Queensland Baptists ● David Parker (ed.) 1995 ISBN: 0 646 25647 5  (Documents of Queensland Baptist History 1)  $10.00 plus postage
    • HACK
      HACK —A Biography of the Life and Work of Rev Harold George Hackworthy MC MA 1891-1953 ● R. W. (Bill) Hughes 2009 122pp (Baptist Historical Series 15)  $15.00 plus postage
    • James Voller
      James Voller —Pioneer Baptist Minister of Australia ● David Parker 1997 60pp ISBN: 646339907  (Baptist Historical Series 4)  $7.50 plus postage
    • Marburg Baptist Church
      Marburg Baptist Church ● Richard Scanlan and David Parker 2000 40pp ISBN: 0 9578214 17  (Baptist Historical Series 12)  $7.50 plus postage
    • Minden, Tarampa and Vernor Baptist Cemeteries (Qld) Monumental Inscriptions, ● Rosemary & Eric Kopittke 1996 46pp ISBN: 0 9586622 1 5   Fiche $6.00   $11.00 plus postage
    • Mission to Queensland 1981-1996
      Mission to Queensland 1981-1996 —a Baptist experiment in church planting ● Melvin Williams 1998 58pp ISBN: 0-9586622-4-X  (Baptist Historical Series 5)  $8.00 plus postage
    • Mission to Queensland 1997-2021
      Mission to Queensland 1997-2021 —Elusive Enterprise ● David Parker 2021 25pp ISBN: 978 0 64651262 1 1  (Baptist Historical Series 20)  $10.00 plus postage
    • National Guide to Australian Baptist Historical Resources and Services, ● David Parker (ed.) 2013 ISBN: 978 0 9578214 7 7   3rd Edition   updated and revised   $5.00 plus postage
    • Pressing on with the Gospel
      Pressing on with the Gospel —the story of Baptists in Queensland 1855-2005 ● edited by David Parker, with Les Ball and Stan Nickerson 2005 ISBN: 0 9578214 4 1  (Baptist Historical Series 14)  $20.00 plus postage
    • Recalling with Gratitude
      Recalling with Gratitude —The memorials of the Canberra Baptist Church ● R W (Bill) Hughes 2004  email for details of pricing
    • Remember all the Way —a Century of Baptist History in Queensland ● David Parker (ed.) 1996 50pp ISBN: 0 9586622 2 3  (Documents of Queensland Baptist History 3)  $11.00 plus postage
    • Rev. B.G. Wilson Queensland Baptist Founding Father
      Rev. B.G. Wilson Queensland Baptist Founding Father ● Stan W. Nickerson 1999 115pp ISBN: 0-9586622-8-2  (Baptist Historical Series 9)  $20.00 plus postage
    • So, Your Ancestor was a Baptist in Queensland!
      So, Your Ancestor was a Baptist in Queensland! ● Eric and Rosemary Kopittke 1995 34pp ISBN: 0 646 24767 0  (Baptist Historical Series 3)  $5.00 plus postage
    • Something more than Gold
      Something more than Gold —Baptists in Central Queensland 1862-2012 ● edited by David Parker 192pp (Baptist Historical Series 17)  $15.00 plus postage
    • Strange Bedfellows —Rev. Charles Stewart Brisbane’s First Baptist Minister and the United Evangelical Church ● David Parker 1998 80pp ISBN: 0-9586622-6-6  (Baptist Historical Series 7)  2nd Edition   $16.00 plus postage
    • Thomas and William Deacon
      Thomas and William Deacon —General Baptists in Queensland ● David Parker 1998 28pp ISBN: 0-9586622-7-4  (Baptist Historical Series 8)  $5.50 plus postage
    • Vision and Courage
      Vision and Courage —Rev. A.H. Brooks & his Family Heritage ● John Brooks 1998 36pp ISBN: 0-9586622-5-8  (Baptist Historical Series 6)  $7.00 plus postage
    • Women who Made a Difference
      Women who Made a Difference —Celebrating the contribution of 24 Queensland Baptist women to church, community and mission. ● David Parker (ed.) 2009 76pp (Baptist Historical Series 16)  $12.50 plus postage  Out of print!
    • Tarampa Baptist Church
      Tarampa Baptist Church ● Richard Scanlan and David Parker  40pp ISBN: 0 9578214 0 9  (Baptist Historical Series 11)  $7.50 plus postage  Out of print!
    Digital Publications
      • Fortitude
        Fortitude —Rev Charles Stewart and the United Evangelical Church ● David Parker 2012 ISBN: 9781105617300 www.lulu.com   USD 4.99
      • The Gardener’ Pastor William Moore
        The Gardener’ Pastor William Moore ● R W (Bill) Hughes ISBN: 978-1-50350-914-6   e-book published by Xlibris www.xlibris.com
      • The Lure of Gold —Baptists in Central Queensland, 1862-2012 ● David Parker 2012 ISBN: 9781300814955 www.lulu.com   USD 4.99
      • A Plucky People —Baptists in Rockhampton, Queensland: 1862-2012 ● David Parker 2012 ISBN: 9781300814924 www.lulu.com   USD 4.99
      • Strange Bedfellows'
        Strange Bedfellows' —Rev Charles Stewart and the United Evangelical Church, Brisbane ● David Parker 2013 ISBN: 9781304187277 www.lulu.com   USD 7.50


      • Many photographs dating back to the earliest periods, all indexed but not all identified
      • Digital images - many images of churches, pastors and people

      Recordings: Some audio and video recordings of Assembly proceedings and addresses (includes reel-to-reel, cassette, CD/DVD etc)

      Other records

      • Church histories: booklets on the histories of many churches published for centenary, jubilee or other historical occasions;
      • Biographies: some biographies of ministers and prominent lay people
      • Churches: Records of some individual churches, including minutes of church, diaconates, committees and departments; correspondence; reports; general papers etc. (some available on microfiche)
      • Baptist Cemetery inscriptions - Coleyville, Engelsburg (Kalbar), Boonah, Highfields Baptist Cemeteries (Qld) Monumental Inscriptions
      • Breed, G.R., Index of ministers who served in churches included n W.T. Whitley’s The Baptists of London up to the publication date, 1928 (BHS, UK, 2012)
      • Breed, G.R., Second Index of Baptist Ministers covering many whose service did not include churches listed in W.T. Whitley’s Baptists of London (1828) BHS, UK, 2012)

      Baptist Union of Australia (Australian Baptist Ministries)

      • Proceedings of:
        • First Australian Baptist Congress, 1908
        • Second Australasian Baptist Congress, 1911
        • Souvenir Programme: Inaugural Meetings, 1926
        • Souvenir Programme, 1929: The Business of the Baptists
        • Triennial Assembly 1938
      • The New Order We Must Prepare. Triennial Assembly, 1941
      • National Baptist Family Convention papers - 1975, 1978, 1981, 1984, 1988, 1991, 1994
      • Year Books of the State Unions and official Handbook, 1929, 938, 1942, 1961, 1964, 1975, 1979


      • Churinga - The Journal of the Australian Baptist Historical Society (1950, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1966)
      • The National Baptist (Quarterly) Vol 1 no 1 (March 1988)-

      Other Publications


      • From Woolloomooloo to ‘Eternity’: A History of Australian Baptists (2 volumes), Ken R Manley, (Milton Keynes: Paternoster, 2006).
      • Australian Baptists - Past and Present, Michael Petras (ed.) (Sydney: Baptist Historical Society of NSW, 1988)
      • Baptised into one Body: a Short History of the Baptist Union of Australia, Basil S. Brown (Hawthorn, Vic.: Baptist Union of Australia, 1987)
      • Baptists - Their Heritage and Faith, K.R. Manley (Brisbane: Baptist Union of Queensland, 1974)
      • *Caring is by Sharing: Twenty-five years of Austra­lian Baptist World Aid and Relief * A.C. Prior (Sydney: ABWARC, 1984)
      • Early Australian Baptist History, W. Higlett (Baptist Union of Australia, 1926)
      • The First Australian Baptists K.R. Manley & M. Petras (Syd­ney: Baptist Historical Society of NSW, 1981)

      Baptist World Alliance

      • BWA Congress Proceedings (1928, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1980, 1985) o
      • Baptist World Alliance Yearbook 1926, 1927
      • The Baptist World 1960-1980